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  • Meet Dwight

    Hello.  I'm Dwight, the owner of Denver Pro DJ's.  I started my own DJ business for two reasons.  I love being a wedding DJ and I also love working directly with couples who are getting married.  My greatest reward is when a bride and groom smiles at the end of the reception and says, "This was exactly what we wanted". The hugs and compliments I have received from happy newlyweds mean more to me than anything else. What an awesome "Job" I have!

    Dwight's Mini Bio - Dwight has been the DJ for hundreds of weddings in the Front Range area and all over Colorado. He has always loved music and entertaining. Dwight is also a musician, playing bass guitar and taking care of the audio equipment in many local bands.  He also toured throughout the Western United States in some bands.  He has performed at many weddings along the way.  Before he was so busy as a DJ, formed and managed a professional wedding band. He loves being a wedding DJ and has truly found his niche.  For many years he was one of the top DJ's at a large Denver based DJ company. He also worked as a DJ and manager for another Denver area wedding entertainment company before starting Denver Pro DJ's. 

  • About Denver Pro DJ's

    Denver Pro DJ's specializes in weddings, corporate events and private parties. We are a fully insured, registered business in the State of Colorado.  Our goal is to provide quality, professional DJ service to every customer, at every event.  We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and attention to detail.  While all weddings have at least some of the typical "wedding" things, most couples like to have something special, something different to make their wedding uniquely their own. We are easy to work with and very accommodating.  We work hard in the planning and execution to make things happen exactly YOUR way.  You will be happy with the customization of your event and our level of professionalism.

  • A Personal Note

    Here is a picture of me with my wonderful wife Maggie on our wedding day. We were married on the beach in FT Lauderdale, Florida in 2011.  After the ceremony we kissed, danced to Etta James' "At Last", drank some champagne and ran along the beach.  The next day we left for a seven-day music cruise.

    I am a very lucky man to have Maggie as my wife!

     (Just thought someone might like to see)

  • Thinking about hiring one of those "Big" DJ companies? Read this first!

    There are some really large DJ companies around.  A few have 10-20 DJ's on staff at any time.  One even boasts 35-40 DJ's! A company this large simply cannot provide the individual attention and customization that you deserve on the most important day of your life. It is easy to get lost in their system.  Many times your song requests and specific instructions are not even passed on to the DJ who is working at your wedding.  If you want some customization, like creating a mash-up song for a unique first dance, or custom song snippets for the Grand Entrance, they charge an extra fee.  Because these companies may have a lot of events on any given day, you may even be assigned a DJ who has little or no experience as a wedding DJ. Large companies always struggle with turnover, training and quality control.  This type of company is prone to bad experiences and leads to bad reviews.


     Here is my advise if you still want to hire a "Big" DJ company:
    • Insist on meeting the DJ who will be working at your wedding.  (Some companies actually charge you extra to meet your DJ in advance!)
    • Avoid using a mulit-state DJ company.  There is absolutely no advantage to you.  Why pay extra to support a far-away corporate office? 
    • Compare prices.  You will find that the bigger DJ companies actually charge more for the same services offered by a smaller company.
    • About a week prior to your wedding, insist on going over all of the details of your wedding with your DJ.  Review your song requests, timeline, formalities, "Do Not Play" and "Must Play" song lists and any other special instructions.  Do your best to make certain that they have it right.
  • My Pledge To My Customers...


    I consider it a great honor to be your DJ on the most important day of your life.  I will do all that I can to make this special day everything that you want it to be and a lifetime memory.

     - Dwight

  • Don't trust your special day to an amateur.  Hire a professional!