• About My Equipment

  • Highest Quality... Professional Grade!

  • Dance Lights
  • Here is a list of my equipment

    All of my equipment is professional grade. Everything is in excellent working condition and looks new. This is only a partial list. I have additional equipment for optional services and special situations.
    SPEAKERS - My speakers are some of the best quality and finest sounding self powered speakers available. They sound great at any volume with crystal clear highs and chest thumping, well defined bass. The system is able to produce 3,000 watts of pure program power, which is adequate for events of up to 500 people.
    • Top Speakers: 2 - QSC K12
    • Subwoofer: 1 – QSC KW181
    • Supplemental Top Speakers, used as needed: 2 - Berringer B212A
    COLSOLE - My DJ console is custom built to handle the most challenging performance situations. The mixer has 6-channels and on-board effects. It works very well for mixing pre-recorded dance music and live musicians and singers.
    • DJ Mixer: American Audio QSPAND-PRO
    • Road Case: SKB R102
    • DMX Lighting Controller: Chauvet Obey40 D-Fi 2.4
    • Patch Panels: Switchcraft, custom configured
    • Surge Suppressor Outlet Strip: Triplite RS1215-20
    MICROPHONES - My microphones are top quality used by music professionals world-wide.
    • Wired Mic’s: 2 - Shure SM58
    • Wireless Mic System: Lapel & Hand-Held Shure SLX125 SM58
    MUSIC - I carry over 24,000 of the most requested wedding, dance and party songs of all eras and all genres.
    • Laptop Computers: 2 - Lenovo Thinkpad T-60
    • Professional DJ software: OTS Labs AVDJ
    • On-Line Music: I use Spotify for instant access to millions of songs
    LIGHTS – My lights are all cool temperature LED lights that can produce dramatic effects. They are fully programmed for various dance scenes from slow songs to rock and roll. They use wireless communications to reduce the amount of wires running along the floor. The dance floor lights are custom mounted in road cases and only require connection to electrical power.  The up lights are totally wireless.
    • Road Cases: 2 - SKB R8 road cases
    • DMX Wireless Communications: 2 - Chauvet D-Fi 2.4 Hub
    • Dance Floor Lights: I have 2-sets, each with a Chauvet Mega-Trix, Chauvet Core 3X1 and a Chauvet Hemisphere 5.1
    • Up Lighting: 8 - Chauvet Freedom Par Tri-6
    MISC -  Cables, connectors, adapters, mic stands, speaker stands, lighting stands, equipment bags, terminators, hum isolators & cases, equipment bags, etc.
  • A Note About Challenging Venues and Setups

    All of my equipment can be used in virtually any wedding and dance party setting.  I also have the additional equipment needed for the unique situations that are sometimes encountered for weddings.  For example, I have done outdoor ceremonies in driving rainstorms, in 15 degrees and freezing rain falling, in locations where there is no electrical power and in 110 degree blistering heat.  Nothing can deter this DJ from making the ceremony happen!  (Sometimes I feel like the US post office!)  I have a full compliment of backup equipment, should something happen to my primary gear.

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