• Popular Add-Ons

  • These are awesome Add-Ons!

  • These custom Add-Ons will make your wedding day unique and memorable

    These Add-Ons create an incredible look at your wedding reception and make it uniquely your own.  There is a small additional cost for these Add-Ons, but the benefit you get for having them at your event can be priceless.

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  • Add a dramatic effect to your venue with our UP LIGHTING

    This popular add-on improves the look of any venue.  My Up Lights are the latest technology PED lights and are totally wireless.  The color can be set to match your bridal party dresses, to compliment the decor in your venue or even to match the table linens.  The colors can be static all night long or changed to various static colors throughout the reception.  When it is time to dance, I can even make the up light colors to match the lighting on the dance floor.  My Up Lights can even be used outside to accent features or a gazebo.


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  • Personalize your reception with a CUSTOM MONOGRAM IMAGE


    A Custom Monogram image adds an unmatched personal touch to your venue.  I will work with you to design the image you want.  Next I will order a custom disc from the manufacturer.  At your reception, I provide a projector to show the image.  I will coordinate with your photographer to position the monogram image so that it shows in the photographs and makes a permanent record.  What a touch of class!

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  • Tell the story of your life in pictures with our WEDDING SLIDESHOW

    You provide the photographs.  I will create a DVD of your pictures using special effects between them.  I can also add the music of your choosing to the slideshow.  During dinner, I will present the slideshow using an HD projector and our portable screen.  All of your guests get to share the story of your life as you grew up, met each other and fell in love. 


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  • Everyone loves a KARAOKE PARTY!

    While I do not recommend this for wedding receptions, a Karaoke party can be amazing fun at a party.   I provide a video screen that shows the words to the songs, 3-microphones for groups to get in on the action and over 50,000 karaoke tracks.  I also have indexed books for your to find your special song.  I can even record the songs for you to have!  


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  • One more thought...

    For a small additional cost these optional add-ons can make your wedding reception or party a story-book affair.  These options are unique and will make your special day truly unforgettable! 

  • Don't trust your special day to an amateur. Hire a professional!