• Wedding Ceremonies

  • A great DJ will add an upscale touch to your ceremony!

    • Outdoor wedding ceremony at Arrowhead Golf Club
      Arrowhead Golf Club, Littleton

  • A professional, expereinced wedding DJ is essential for a flawless ceremony !

    The day has finally arrived!  You are excited, nervous, beautiful and totally ready.  Your wedding party and the officiant are in place.  Your very soon-to-be husband is there too, at the front, smiling, also a bit nervous.  Your family and guests are standing, anticipating, waiting for you.  Your father smiles lovingly at you.  You hear the bridal march begin and you take your father's arm as you walk toward the aisle. 

    This is it!  This is your day.  This is the day you have waited for, and planned for, and looked forward to, for such a very long time.  This is the biggest day of your life!  You don't even give a thought to the mundane things, like the DJ and the sound equipment.  That is because you have hired a professional, someone who knows what he is doing, someone you can trust. So relax, take it all in, enjoy the most special day of your life!

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  • Here is what a great wedding DJ can add to your ceremony:

    Mixing live ceremony music at The Stanley Hotel
    • He will have high-quality sound equipment, including wireless and lapel microphones.
    • He will have the skills to make the sound clear and keep it at the appropriate volume so that everyone can hear. 
    • He will be able to mix the sound for several microphones, musicians and vocalists as needed.
    • His timing for starts, stops and fades will be precise.
    • He will be able to furnish and play the songs you choose, including backing tracts for your vocalists. 
    • His musical library will have all types of ceremony music from classical and traditional to modern love songs.
    • You chose the type of music you want, from classical, jazz and popular genres.
    • Professional musicians perform for your ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner.
    • The DJ provides and manages the sound equipment for the musicians.
    • During the reception, the DJ handles the emcee duties, vendor coordination  and makes announcements.
    • After the formalities, the DJ puts on an awesome dance party.

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  • Don't trust your special day to an amateur. Hire a professional!