• Wedding Slideshow

  • Show the story of your life in pictures!

  • A Wedding Slideshow is a warm and personal presentation that tells the story of the life of the Bride and Groom in pictures.

    Let your guests share your story and learn more about you in this warm and personal presentation.  The presentation will show pictures of the Bride and Groom as the grew up, met, dated and fell in love.  Everything meaningful that led you both to this day... the first day of your married life!  What a perfect way to share your life with your family, friends and guests.

  • Here is an example of how your story might look on the screen:

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  • Here is how I will make your Wedding Slideshow happen:

    • You send me up to 100 of your photographs of the Bride and Groom, in the order that you want them to be shown.
    • Be sure to select the pictures that tell the story of your individual lives, from baby pictures through your school years and on to your meeting, dating and engagement. Be sure to include any  photos of trips and other memorable events that you have shared together.
    • I will scan the pictures and create a DVD for presentation on my equipment. I use some nice video effects between each picture, like wipes, fades, etc. to make the presentation interesting.
    • I can add the background music of your choosing, to play during the presentation.   Let me know of any songs that are meaningful to you, like the song that was playing when you first met or your first dance or especially a song that you claim as "Your Song". would be perfect.
    • The slideshow is usually played during dinner when everyone is seated and can enjoy your story.
    • We use a high quality HD projector and portable screen for the presentation.
    • Depending on your venue's floor plan, the equipment may need to be relocated halfway through dinner so that everyone can see. This is no problem for me.
    • At the end of the reception, you get to keep the DVD as a memento!
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  • One more thought ...

    A Wedding Slideshow is a warm, "feel-good" presentation that adds a family feeling to your reception.  Your guests will love seeing the pictures and sharing your memories from childhood, through your school years, dating and engagement.  What a perfect way to share with your guests and top off your wedding day!

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