• Standard Wedding Package

  • All of this is included in your price quote!

  • Standard Wedding Package

    All of the things listed below are included in my standard wedding package.  I have included everything needed for a successful and memorable wedding day.  There are a few popular options that have an additional cost.  These are Up Lighting, a Custom Monogram image (a.k.a. GoBo image) and a Photo Montage, a multimedia presentation of your photos using our digital projector and screen (usually done during dinner).

    1. I know how important this day is to you. I also believe that the DJ is the most important single vendor at your reception. I would be happy to meet you, even before you hire me, to discuss your specific needs and to make sure that I am the type of DJ that you are looking for.
    2. After you hire me, I will send you my extensive wedding planning guide. You will find it to be very helpful in planning the song selections, entertainment and other options for the reception. It will also help me to know more about your tastes and preferences so that I can be an effective MC and DJ on your wedding day.
    3. During the planning process, I will make myself available to you to answer questions or offer help and advice as you need it. You can email, text or call me anytime.
    4. I will be your DJ on your wedding day. Only in the case of an extreme emergency will I need to provide someone else to substitute for me. After many years and thousands of events, I have never had to use a substitute, but I do have a backup plan.
    5. Together we will create a customized wedding day experience that suits your preferences. You get to choose the songs you want played and those that you do not want to hear. This is YOUR day and I will do everything I can to make it 100% YOUR way.
    6. About a month before your wedding, I will contact you to schedule a final consultation. This can be done either in person or on the phone. During this time, we will review the Wedding Planning Guide and make certain everything is correct and just the way you want it.
    7. My equipment is top quality and sounds great at any volume. I will always play music at an appropriate volume so that everyone can hear well and have a great time. My audio system is quite adequate for indoor or outdoor events with up to 450 people. Everything is professional grade and very well maintained.
    8. My dance floor lights and up lighting are the latest LED technology. They are fully programmed for amazing effects. This lighting sets the proper mood and just makes people feel like they want to get up and dance.
    9. My music library is extensive and complete. In my laptops I have over 24,000 of the most requested wedding, party and dance songs of all time. Also included are the Billboard top 100 songs from every year from 1950 through 2014. If you request music that I don’t have in my library, I will get it for you at no additional cost.
    10. I always strive to play the music that you and your guests want to dance to. You get to choose the songs you want played at your reception. You also get to decide which songs are not played. I will absolutely honor your playlists.
    11. On your wedding day I will be appropriately dressed, usually in formal attire, but I am happy to dress any way you like. If you want jeans, boots and a cowboy hat, I will be happy to accommodate your wishes and fit your theme.
    12. During the ceremony I can provide the music of your choosing. This includes prelude music for the seating of your guests, the bridal party processional, the bridal march, music for a sand ceremony or candle lighting and the recessional song.
    13. For the ceremony I provide a wireless or lapel microphone for your officiant, microphones for special readings, singers and live musicians, if you have them. I will also mix the sound and use my audio equipment so that everyone can hear clearly and at an appropriate volume.
    14. For cocktail hour and dinner, I provide background music. If you have live musicians performing during these times, I can provide the microphones, speakers and audio equipment for them.
    15. During the reception, I will be your MC and make just enough announcements to keep your guests informed. I will also coordinate with the other vendors so that events like the Grand Entrance, Toasts, Formal Dances and the end of night sendoff will happen smoothly and on time.
    16. I will provide a wireless microphone for the toasts, welcoming of guests and any other announcements you may want to make. 17. When it is time to dance, I know how to read the crowd and play the music that will keep the energy high and the dance floor filled. If you would like, I can also provide instruction for popular line and group participation dances.
    17. Whether you want a high-energy dance party or a more laid-back event, I can and will accommodate your preferences.
    18. I use a simple, 2-page booking contract.  I am registered business in Colorado and I am fully insured.
    19. I am very flexible and accommodating. You will find working with Denver Pro DJ’s to be an easy and pleasant experience.
    20. I use a simple, 2-page booking contract. I am registered business in Colorado and I am fully insured.

    Here are a few things that I never do: I am never rude, obnoxious or loud. I know that I am not one of your guests and I do not act like one. I never make myself the center of attention. I am a wedding professional, and I conduct myself accordingly at all times. I consider it an honor to be your DJ and share in the most important day of your life.

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